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Radiologic Technology

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Spring 2018 RAD Classes

RAD 102 Rad Tech Clinical Exp II
60627 A 3 TTh 8:00am- 4:30pm MAIN MA. Young 24 $205 Books for RAD&course-1=102&section-1=A
Students will be assigned to a clinical site. CGH and St. Anthony's hours are 7:00-3:30.
RAD 111 Technical Nursing II
60628 YB 1 M 10:00am- 12:30pm 2H22 MM. Evans 28 $160 Books for RAD&course-1=111&section-1=YB
RAD 121 Rad Tech Anat/Positioning II
60629 A 5 W 8:00am- 11:50am 2H22 MA. Young 30 $200 Books for RAD&course-1=121&section-1=A
60631 AA M 8:00am- 9:50am 2H22 DH. Brevitt 10 Books for RAD&course-1=121&section-1=AA
60633 AB W 1:30pm- 3:15pm 2H22 MA. Young 10 Books for RAD&course-1=121&section-1=AB
60634 AC W 3:30pm- 5:15pm 2H22 MA. Young 10 Books for RAD&course-1=121&section-1=AC
RAD 285 Rad Tech Clinical Exp V
60097 A 4 MWF 8:00am- 4:30pm MA. Young 24 $240 Books for RAD&course-1=285&section-1=A
Students will be assigned to a clinical site CGH and St. Anthony's clinical is 7-3:30
RAD 295 Special Radiographic Procedure
60069 A 3 Th 12:30pm- 3:20pm 2H20 MA. Young 28 Books for RAD&course-1=295&section-1=A
Th 12:30pm- 3:20pm 2H22
Section A meets first five weeks in 3G06 then moves to 2H22
RAD 296 Survey of Discip Appl to Rad
60070 A 4 T 12:30pm- 4:20pm 2H22 DH. Brevitt 28 Books for RAD&course-1=296&section-1=A
T 12:30pm- 4:20pm 3E12
Section A meets first 5 weeks in 3E12 then moves to 2H22.