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Summer 2017 Online Class Listing

ACC 101 Financial Accounting
10061 TI 4 Online  KN. Plummer 12 Books for ACC&course-1=101&section-1=TI
ACC 102 Managerial Accounting
10062 TI 4 Online  KN. Plummer 18 Books for ACC&course-1=102&section-1=TI
BIO 104 Introductory Biology
IAI#: L1900
10051 TI 3 Online  BW. Smith 15 Books for BIO&course-1=104&section-1=TI
BIO 120 Environmental Health
10030 TI 3 Online  3G04 BW. Smith 3 Books for BIO&course-1=120&section-1=TI
BUS 103 Intro to Business
10119 TI 3 Online  ML. Kidder 4 Books for BUS&course-1=103&section-1=TI
BUS 112 Human Relations
10046 TI 3 Online  3M25 DH. Day 18 Books for BUS&course-1=112&section-1=TI
BUS 205 Principles of Management
10115 TI 3 Online  ML. Kidder 16 Books for BUS&course-1=205&section-1=TI
BUS 222 The Legal Environment of Bus
10121 TI 3 Online  ML. Kidder 11 Books for BUS&course-1=222&section-1=TI
CIS 109 Intro to Microcomputer Windows
10058 TI 3 Online  2E15 VA. Sleger 4 $15 Books for CIS&course-1=109&section-1=TI
CJS 101 Intro to Criminal Justice
10094 TI 3 Online  3M16 DJ. Dehaan 14 Books for CJS&course-1=101&section-1=TI
ECO 211 Principles of Economics
IAI#: S3901
10001 TI 3 Online  3M12 JD. Nelson 5 Books for ECO&course-1=211&section-1=TI
ELA 090 English Language Arts
10176 TI 1 Online  RM. Montino 15 $15 Books for ELA&course-1=090&section-1=TI
This section is reserved for students taking online (TI) sections of ENG 101. If your counselor has specified you take ELA 090 with your ENG 101 TI section, please enroll for this section.
ENG 101 Composition I
IAI#: C1900
10064 TI 3 Online  NC. Berkey 7 Books for ENG&course-1=101&section-1=TI
ENG 103 Composition II
IAI#: C1901
10096 TI 3 Online  2E13 RL. Eichman 5 Books for ENG&course-1=103&section-1=TI
ENG 230 Minority American Literature
IAI#: H3910
10208 TI 3 Online  KL. Abele 7 Books for ENG&course-1=230&section-1=TI
HIS 221 American History to 1865
IAI#: S2900
10204 TI 3 Online  RL. Eichman 7 Books for HIS&course-1=221&section-1=TI
HIS 222 American History Since 1865
IAI#: S2901
10166 TI 3 Online  ILCCO 0
HUM 210 Intro to the Humanities I
IAI#: HF900
10039 TI 3 Online  1M06 KA. Murray 0 Books for HUM&course-1=210&section-1=TI
10156 TI2 3 Online  1M06 KA. Murray 4 Books for HUM&course-1=210&section-1=TI2
LAN 161 Beginning Spanish I
10257 TI 4 Online  ILCCO 2
Class dates: June 5, 2017 - June 30, 2017
MAT 106 Applied Mathematics
10090 TI 3 Online  MAIN CR. Conderman 13 Books for MAT&course-1=106&section-1=TI
Proctored exams are required for this course. Arrangements for proctoring locations, other than the SVCC testing center, can be made for students living out of district by approval of the instructor. Any fees related to off-site testing are the responsibility of the student.
MAT 115 Principles of Modern Math
IAI#: M1904
10258 TI 3 Online  ILCCO 0
MUS 201 Music Appreciation
IAI#: F1900
10050 TI 3 Online  1M06 KA. Murray 2 Books for MUS&course-1=201&section-1=TI
NRS 116 Med Terminology for Hea Career
10092 TI 3 Online  DH. Brevitt 11 Books for NRS&course-1=116&section-1=TI
PED 115 Nutrition and Diet Therapy
10091 TI 3 Online  KK. Pink 7 Books for PED&course-1=115&section-1=TI
PSC 163 Am Government & Politics
IAI#: S5900
10199 TI 3 Online  PR. Edleman 0 Books for PSC&course-1=163&section-1=TI
PSC 164 State & Local Politics & Gov
IAI#: S5902
10202 TI 3 Online  PR. Edleman 23 Books for PSC&course-1=164&section-1=TI
PSC 233 Politics of the Develop World
IAI#: S5906
10200 TI 3 Online  PR. Edleman 21 Books for PSC&course-1=233&section-1=TI
PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology
IAI#: S6900
10100 TI 3 Online  2D11 AN. Jakobsen 0 Books for PSY&course-1=103&section-1=TI
This section requires on-site or proctored testing.
10173 TI2 3 Online  AN. Jakobsen 3 Books for PSY&course-1=103&section-1=TI2
PSY 200 Human Growth & Development
IAI#: S6902
10113 TI 3 Online  2E11 TR. Walrath 2 Books for PSY&course-1=200&section-1=TI
This section requires on-site or proctored testing.
10129 TI2 3 Online  TR. Walrath 11 Books for PSY&course-1=200&section-1=TI2
SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology
IAI#: S7900
10031 TI 3 Online  3M14 JA. Wright 6 Books for SOC&course-1=111&section-1=TI
This section requires on-site or proctored testing.
SPE 131 Intro to Oral Communication
IAI#: C2900
10053 TI 3 Online  PR. Edleman 8 Books for SPE&course-1=131&section-1=TI
Please be informed of the guidelines for participation in this course: 1.VENUE: face-to-face performances (speaker and audience) are required of the 3 substantial speeches in an appropriate setting for public speech, such as workplace of community venue. 2. AUDIENCE: at least 8 individuals, aged 16 and older, must be present for the entire presentation and must be seen on camera for each performance. Audience members must be aware that they will be recorded or streamed live. Video will be viewed by the instructor and the online class. 3. TECHNOLOGY: students taking the fully online course are expected to utilize appropriate technology despite the challenges of access. The quality of the recording must permit clear sound and video. Speeches may not be edited.