Sauk business programs


Program Overview

Accountants generally work in one of four major areas.

  • Public accountants are employed primarily in auditing, taxation, or consulting businesses.
  • Management accountants handle the financial records (such as taxes, budgeting, costs and investments) for a company.
  • Government accountants maintain and examine the records of government agencies and audit private businesses which are subject to government regulations.
  • Internal auditors review their company’s operations.

Accountants work carefully and accurately, and are able to analyze and interpret figures, able to work with numbers, follow directions well, dependable and honest, neat and orderly, display mathematical aptitude.

Program Goals

  1. To help students gain a foundational understanding of various accounting processes, procedures, and related computations.
  2. To prepare students for entry-level positions in accounting and business that represents the community workforce needs.
  3. To prepare students for more advanced accounting education.

Career Degrees
Transfer Degrees