Sauk Academic programs

Electronics: Industrial

Graduates of this program will be able to utilize and maintain various types of solid state sensors and controls in industrial applications.

Work and Employment

This program is designed to prepare a student for employment in industrial controls. This will include solid state and digital circuitry for the control of industrial equipment and the operation of programmable controls.

Estimated Program Cost

The following figures are based on 2022-23 tuition and fee rates and the course fees in the Class Schedule for the required minimum number 20 credit hours.

Tuition $2,860.00 $7,200.00 $8,040.00
Fees $320.00 $320.00 $320.00
Course Fees * $24.00 * $24.00 * $24.00
Total Tuition and Fees $3,204.00 $7,544.00 $8,384.00

* Note: Course fees may vary depending upon the classes that a student completes within an academic program. The course fee above is only an estimation and represents the maximum course fees possible; it is likely that course fees will be lower than the estimation above.