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BIO 110 Practical II

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Slide & Magnification

Thyroid gland 400x  

Adrenal gland 40x

Pancreas 100x  
Testis 100x Testis 400x
Epididymis 100x  
Sperm 1000x  
Ovary 40x  
Ovary- corpus luteum 100x  
Uterus- proliferative 40x  
Uterus- secretory 40x  

Uterus- menstrual 40x

Stomach 40x Stomach (muscularis) 40x
Small Intestine 40x  
Large Intestine 40x Large Intestine (muscularis) 40x
Kidney 100x  

These images are copyrighted and are the property of Steve Nunez and Sauk Valley Community College and are meant for the exclusive use of Biology 108, Biology 109, and Biology 110 students of this college.