The Skyhawk View

October 2020 Volume 8, Issue 1

Feature: Getting Connected
By Glen Wicks
Audio/Video Connection’s overall purpose is to help customers install electronic products in their homes such as new televisions, security systems, and even custom home theaters; however, the main goal is to meet the customer’s expectations and satisfaction.
By Natalie L. Francis
Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It is a statement that you care about yourself, the others around you, and that you want others to care as well
Opinion: Support Local Businesses
By Kailey Meusel
Now is the time for us to help support our small business owners and keep their business, their livelihoods thriving.
Opinion: Virtual Reality; a Fun Way to Meet People at a Distance
By Eden Buyno
If you’re thinking of what to buy your family or yourself this Black Friday or Christmas maybe a VR headset is the way to go.
Opinion: Mail-in Ballots: Misunderstood
By Graycyn Bennett
Mail-in ballots, often confused to be the same as absentee ballots, have sparked political debates and are an ongoing discussion of whether they are a safe and effective way to vote. 
By Eden Buyno
Cartoon by Eden Buyno
Review: Welcome to the “Community” Fandom: “You’re Already Accepted”
By Ethan Ainley
Next time you go to look for a new show to watch, it’s time you choose the underrated sitcom “Community”.
Faculty Feature: Why astronomers went gaga over phosphine on Venus
By Dr. Jim Chisholm
While the surface of Venus, with its 800 degree Fahrenheit and 92 times Earth’s atmospheric pressure, is unsurvivable for even the hardiest hyperthermophiles (bacteria that enjoy really hot temperatures), high up in Venus’s thick cloud cover, conditions are much more pleasant.
Seeing Space through a different lens
By Jessica Payne
Sauk Valley Community College professor James Chisholm commented, “There are multiple reasons why Sauk Students should care about this, ranging from the pure love of science, expanding knowledge of the cosmos and getting cool pictures of space.”
SVCC Students Decide Who to Elect President
By Ethan Ainley
SVCC students are split on who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election.
DIxon Duchesses Defeated
By Graycyn Bennett
Dixon Duchesses and Sterling Golden Warriors faced off at Emma Hubbs Tennis Court in Dixon on Thursday, October 1st in a match that left Dixon defeated 5-1.
Women's Tennis: Dixon vs. Sterling Scores
By Graycyn Bennett
Women's Tennis: Dixon vs. Sterling Scores
SVCC Students are Divided on Political Issues
By Ethan Ainley
Students at SVCC don’t feel they can publicly express their political opinions on different issues in a polarized nation without being persecuted or made an outcast.
Review: A Beloved Trilogy Gets a New Addition
By Jessica Payne
“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” Is a refreshing throwback for those who enjoyed the original Hunger Games.
Byron Golf Game
By Glen Wicks
After an exhausting tournament, Illinois Valley College was the one that took first place at the end with 314 points