The Skyhawk View

November 2020Volume 3, Issue 3

Winter Blues
By Graycyn Bennett
As the seasons are changing, final exams are approaching, and students may be feeling a bit overwhelmed or suffering from a common mental health issue, Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)
Editorial: It's the final countdown
By Jessica Payne
Finals start the week of December 7th and now is the time to prepare. Sauk has many resources if you are struggling in your classes.
Satire: SVCC to revamp sports teams in 2021
By James Hutchison
With the pandemic still in full swing and cases around the country continuing to rise, coaches at Sauk Valley Community College may have found the answer to returning to sports despite the pandemic: Battleship.
Badass Pizza's Interior
By Glenn Wicks
After entering the establishment, the interior and the atmosphere of the restaurant immediately caught my eye, and I was instantly filled with amusement. 
How Hospice is tackling Christmas
By Jessica Payne
While this Christmas season is looking to be different from ones in the past the organizers for the Hospice Festival of Trees are working hard to keep a time-honored community tradition going.
Skyhawk women’s tennis overcomes the challenges of a pandemic
By Ethan Ainley
The Skyhawk women’s tennis team had to deal with the challenges of a normal season along with COVID-related challenges to qualify for the NJCAA national tournament.
By Eden Buyno
Comic by Eden Buyno
Faculty Feature
By Carol Reavey
Get to know SVCC's new Writing Center Coordinator, Carol Reavey
Triple P BBQ perseveres during pandemic
By Graycyn Bennett
Triple P BBQ may be facing some challenges during Covid-19, but they are still providing local favorites with new safe ways of distribution. 
Review: A New Look at an Old Story
By Jessica Payne
While the movie is tied to the Sherlock Holmes franchise it takes a long look at the aspects that have very rarely been discussed before arguably adding a much more complex and meaningful story. 
Opinion: SVCC students celebrating this holiday season
By Ethan Ainley
With this increase in cases this early in the fall, it is crucial that SVCC students still planning to visit family outside of the household follow the CDC guidelines. 
Local business defying state orders
By Kalie Gabbard
Route 40 originally decided to close their doors after hearing the state orders, but after a couple days, they went back to serving inside.
SVCC blood drive during pandemic
By Claudia Garcia
On October 26 the SVCC Student Government and AmeriCorps teamed up with The American Red Cross to set up a blood drive
Selmi's Virtual Tour
By Glenn Wicks
Selmi’s Greenhouse and Farm Market set into motion a virtual tour of their farm for teachers and students to view and enjoy.
Editorial: Coronavirus cases continue to rise
By Jessica Payne
The coronavirus has a strong hold on the Sauk Valley area, with cases continuing to rise we need to take action by respecting the restrictions and mitigations but in place to try and slow the spread.