The Skyhawk View

February 2021Volume 4, Issue 1

Restaurants and bars do what they can to survive
By Nic Bullock, Area News Reporter
Restaurants and bars have had to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic just to stay afloat, in most cases by temporarily adjusting their business models, but in some cases ignoring the ban on indoor dining during earlier phases of Restore Illinois altogether. 
Faculty Feature: Survivor playlists
By Kevin Megill
One of my hobbies is Survivor Playlists.  I’ve been surprised at some of the music I liked.
“Plastic Hearts” Album Review: Miley Cyrus “might even be a rockstar”
By Ethan Ainley, Lifestyle Reporter
After releasing her first album almost 14 years ago and traversing through multiple eras, Miley Cyrus has finally released the incredible glam rock album she was born to make.
Sterling's new dog park
By Glen Wicks
A brand new dog park called Dogwood Acres has been added to Thomas Park, an area within the city of Sterling.
Review: “Just-Impressions” with Justin Rupple
By Ethan Ainley, lifestyle reporter
Due to COVID, Justin Rupple has had to pivot his comedy show to go virtual, and doing so has created a delightful interactive experience. 
Dr. Patricia Fulfs: Teaching through the pandemic
By Nic Bullock, staff reporter
Dr. Patricia Fulfs tries to keep synchronous learning as close to in-person instruction as possible. 
Spring scoring with COVID
By Mia Ashley
SVCC sports have been granted the ‘Okay’ to start practice and compete, but still is considered unsafe to have spectators. 
Comic by Micah Green
By Micah Green
Comic by Micah Green
SVCC students & staff give their opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine
By By Ethan Ainley, Staff Reporter
SVCC students, administrators, staff, and faculty expressed hesitancy to take the vaccine and gave their reasons as to why. Cathy Ferguson, a Lee County Health Department Administrator, responds to everyone’s concerns.
SVCC administration discuss the benefits and future of e-learning
By Ethan Ainley, Staff Reporter
Administrators say that the benefits, to students and institutions, of using synchronous learning could lead to a future of combining this type of e-learning with in-person learning at SVCC and other colleges.
Chat with the president
By Glen Wicks, staff reporter
On February 3rd, David Hellmich, the president of Sauk Valley Community College, hosted a virtual chat on Google Meet for students to attend and be informed about upcoming plans and events. 
Wyatt's World
By Joseph Magana
A comic strip by Joseph Magana.