The Skyhawk View

September 2021Volume 4, Issue 7

Alumni Perspective: Finding your path
By Emily Spangler
It wasn’t in my wildest dreams to get a master’s degree when I started at SVCC at 17. At 23, I have no regrets.
Editorial: Helping college students with anxiety and depression
By Kara Ellis
It is acceptable to seek help for our heart's health and should be equally as acceptable to seek help for our mental health. 
Satire: President Biden forgets words to National Anthem, summons Abraham Lincoln
By James Hutchison
Late in the evening of September 12th , a reporter with the AP news network was in a bathroom of the West Wing when President Biden accidentally summoned the decaying body of Abraham Lincoln into said bathroom while trying to remember the words to the national anthem.
Pumpkin Spice Season is Upon Us. But Who Has the Best?
By Emily Lenore
I visited 6 area coffee shops to see who makes the best PSL.
Faculty Feature: The rules of cinematic time travel
By Connor Williams
If I were to time travel what would that look like? Where would I go? What movie or book would I use as my rules for time travel? 
Cyber Hunter Vol. 1
By Joseph Magana
A comic by Joseph Magana
“Shang-Chi” and the unpredictable launch of the first Asian MCU hero
By Ethan Ainley
“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” the newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has finally been released in theaters to high critical praise and cultural impact but it’s success story could be cut short.
Despite Harvest Challenges, Farmers Remain Optimistic
By Emily Lenore
Local farmers are preparing for what they expect to be a challenging harvest this fall.
Pictures from Saukfest
By Ethan Ainley
Pictures from SVCC's Saukfest event
The Works arrives on SVCC campus
By Ethan Ainley
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Sauk Valley Community College’s 2021-2022 active student organizations list:
By SVCC Student Government
A list of active student organizations for fall 2021.