The Skyhawk View

October 2021Volume 4, Issue 8

Slammin' Sammy has a visitor
By Eric Epps
A hawk perched above the parking lot at SVCC.
Review: “Malignant” is a horror cult-classic in the making
By Ethan Ainley
James Wan’s vision will not be for everyone but for those that it connects with, and understand the intentions of Wan, it will become an instant horror favorite. Even though the mis-marketing of this film contributed to its commercial failure, “Malignant” will garner fan recognition and become a cult classic to be discussed years from now.
Opinion: Millennial Parents vs. Pandemic: Challenge Accepted
By Brittani LaPointe
When the world stopped in 2020, a stressful time for America quickly became an opportunity that would allow Millennial parents across the nation to embrace nostalgia and pass on memories to their children.
Faculty Feature: Small but Mighty in the Sauk Valley
By Dallas Knack
Small Business Saturday happens to be the day most widely recognized as it falls within the holiday shopping season. It’s a day to shine a light on small businesses and inspire consumers to shop within their own community. 
Sauk Valley Community College students can donate cans to the United Way fundraising organization
By Courtney Boken
United Way is an organization that accepts donations and hosts events to fundraise local communities. As a Sauk student, you can even donate cans this semester to help this program out.
SVCC alumni participates in a comedy horror show
By Ethan Ainley
Mistress Peace Theater is a horror comedy series put together by local area artists in and around Oregon, IL. However, the show airs globally and their audience isn’t limited to the United States. The show is similar to popular comedy series such as Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Elvira’s Movie Macabre. Waters portrays the character of Dr. Madd, a mad scientist.