The Skyhawk View

April 2022Volume 4, Issue 12

Alumni Perspective: Don’t Cheat Yourself
By Nic Bullock
While it can be useful to have resources with which to study, I can’t help but to feel like it is a major waste of money and time and defeats the purpose of seeking an education to just copy and paste answers. 
Prescribed Prairie Burning at Sauk Valley Community College
By Matthew Long
According to Rachel Brunner, who is in charge of the committee that takes care of the prairie, “The purpose of burning a prairie is three-fold. Removal of dead plant build up, knocking back exotic/non-native plants and shrubs, and regeneration of new plants.”
BTS “Permission to Dance on Stage” Concert in Cinema
By Saralyn Elmore
After more than two years since their last live concert, the K-Pop group BTS performed for an audience in Seoul, South Korea, as a part of their “Permission to Dance on Stage” concerts.
Tajay Ashmeade, Taking the LEAP
By Saralyn Elmore
On March 30, Sauk Valley Community College hosted a Zoom meeting for which the speaker was ex-gang member Tajay Ashmeade.
Satire: Sauk’s surplus saliva samples secretly supply sanitizers
By Brenden Parkins
If it hasn’t become obvious yet, the professors, instructors, and faculty here at Sauk Valley Community College are entirely inhuman.  That is that they are all in fact cyborgs, humans modified with machine parts.
Sauk Tennis Team Serves Up a Promising Season
By Brandon Clark, Sports Reporter
The Sauk Valley Community College, women’s tennis team continues to claim victories, returning to Nationals for the third consecutive year after placing second at Regionals. This year, the men’s team is looking to set their mark with a solid mix of returning players. 
The Queens at Starlight Drag Show
By Brandon Clark
The show is equal parts comedy, burlesque, and arthouse. Some performances are playful and risqué, while others are emotionally powerful, leaving the audience in silent reverence.
Sauk Valley Community College rising once again
By Brenden Parkins, local news reporter
Over the past two years, SVCC has seen a dip in enrollment, but as of the spring of 2022, those enrollment numbers appear to be on the rise once more.
SVCC Job Fair
By Brenden Parkins
Photos from the SVCC job fair in April 2022.
Pinnacle Cup III: Team Skade comes out of the blue for the win
By Brenden Parkins
The Pinnacle Cup III tournament came to a resounding end with team Skade taking the first place prize money of $80,000 and leaving their opponents, the Copenhagen Flames, with the second place prize award of $20,000.
Review: SVCC Art Gallery Welcomes Steve Sherrell
By Gracen Harmon
The SVCC Art Gallery hosted Chicago career painter Steve Sherrell’s Extraterrestrial from March 7th through April 5th.
Faculty Feature: An Interview with Gil Reynders
By Gil Reynders
Hi, everyone. I’m Gil Reynders, and I’m sitting here with Gil Reynders, a new chemistry professor at SVCC, to ask him a few questions.