The Skyhawk View

September 2022Volume 5, Issue 1

Dark Lord and Son
By Micah Green
A comic by Micah Green
Faculty Feature: Joe Strabala-Bright
By Joe Strabala-Bright
My name is Joe Strabala-Bright, and I am Sauk’s new Dean of Student Services. I am so happy to have this opportunity to let you all know a little bit about me.
Learning Commons Tutoring Has Resources For All Students
By Montez Taylor
Jane also stressed how underused the Learning Commons are by students. She says “We run across students who we know could have used our help, are not aware of our services or feel there is a stigma to tutoring.” The
No Empty Stores at the Northland Mall
By Debra Tennison
Starting with the resurfacing of the parking lot and upgraded HVAC units, followed by the promise of six months of free rent to new stores coming in, the mall quickly attracted a variety of new businesses.
Opinion: Dixon Library Director Reaches Fair Decision Regarding Censorship Requests
By Brandon Clark
In June of this year, the Dixon Public Library was besieged with form letters from several members of the public demanding that two LGBTQ graphic novels, "Gender Queer: A Memoir" and "Patience and Esther: An Edwardian Romance," be removed from the library for their sexual content. In a fair compromise, library Director Antony Deter decided to keep both books and relocate "Gender Queer" to the adult graphic novel section of the library.
Review: Sauk’s Gallery Features Peoria Artist
By Debra Tennison
Everyone, given the opportunity, should check out Nestory’s work while it is on display at Sauk and come to their own conclusion. These featured works could feed your artistic appetite. It could be a first experience in testing and tempting your artistic palette.
Sauk Valley Community College and Loan Forgiveness
By Jasey Green
While President Biden’s proposal to forgive outstanding student loans has made waves nation-wide over the past few weeks, knowledge concerning federal student loan forgiveness appears to be limited for students at SVCC.
Sauk Valley Community College Continued to Produce Nurses Through Covid
By Debra Tennison
Amid a dramatic nationwide nursing shortage, SVCC and its team of Healthcare Educators continue to produce experienced nurses that are prepared to enter into a very demanding profession. 
Sauk Valley Police Academy Will Center Around Community Policing
By Brandon Clark
While some academies take a quasi-military structure and approach, Sauk's model will center around community policing, procedural justice, and building relationships within the community.
Skyhawks Stay on Top
By Montez Taylor
After last year’s season, winning the regional title along with placing 5th at NJCAA nationals for the second year in a row, the Skyhawks started off the new season strong.