The Skyhawk View

October 2022Volume 5, Issue 2

Opinion: Tackling the High Cost of Textbooks With a Lending Library
By Debra Tennison
A textbook lending library is an attractive alternative to traditional book purchases and deserves a second look.  
Dark Lord and Son
By Micah Green
A continuing comic strip by Micah Green.
Opinion: Where are the Eggs?
By Debra Tennison
What if you combine their Animal Science with their Food Science, to bring back a delicious possibility. Let’s say, starting small, what about bringing back the chickens?
Old Faculty House to be Demolished
By Jasey Green
An old faculty house on Sauk Valley Community College property previously occupied by faculty is slated to come down sometime in the near future.
Friday Night Football – Rockets Shut Out for Eighth Straight Loss as Hawks Rush for the Win
By Brandon Clark
Penalties and strong rushing by the Hawks led to a complete shutout for the Rock Falls varsity team Friday, Oct. 14. The Rockets suffered their eighth straight loss of the season against the Oregon Hawks with a final score of 46-0.
New Remodeling of Bathrooms
By Montez Taylor
For months multiple bathrooms on the first and second floor of the Sauk Valley Community College campus have been under construction. Students and staff can expect the newly remodeled bathrooms to be up and running around the third week of November.
Faculty Feature: Just Give in: Sacrificing it All for the Cats in My Life
By Amy Jakobsen
The world is tough enough. Why not create a complete paradise for your furry little buddy? The cats who darken the doors to our home do whatever they want.
Opinion: We Need More Fall
By Debra Tennison
We need more fall to discover the beauty in the trees and the sparkle in the eyes of passing strangers because too soon we have to bow our heads and turn up our collars against the frosty fingers of winter.  
Review: Stop By The Skyhawk Cafe
By Montez Taylor
The Skyhawk Cafe has meals at an affordable price that students and staff should take advantage of. 
Review: Rock Falls’ Haunted Haven
By Jasey Green
Haunted Haven offers intricate costumes, gorgeous makeup, and an off-putting atmosphere for a fun – if not effectively that scary – experience with friends.
Review: Overwatch 2 – Same Great Game with Some Major Changes
By Brandon Clark
The long-awaited sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s 2016 hit game, Overwatch, is finally out, bringing a new free-to-play model, game modes, characters, maps, and two fundamental changes that impact gameplay
Review : Hocus Pocus 2 – Is this long awaited sequel worth the watch ?
By Montez Taylor
On September 30th, 2022 almost 30 years later Disney released the long awaited sequel ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ and although it may not be better than the classic it is definitely worth the watch.