The Skyhawk View

October 2023Volume 6, Issue 2

Senator briefly passes away during news conference, rallies to finish speech
By Will Tallman
When asked if he was experiencing health complications, the prehistoric statesman assured reporters that he was "completely healthy" and had simply "died momentarily."
Disney's remake problem
By Samantha Zellers
Disney has a remake problem, which is showcased with the upcoming Snow White movie. The rewriting of original fairy tales is not only disrespectful to the cultures from which they come, it’s downright harmful, and achieves the opposite of their intent.
El Nino: The effects of the climate phenomenon on agriculture
By Devrin Thomas
El Nino has led to drastic changes in climate across the U.S. but an El Nino cycle can create a mixed bag of emotions for farmers of the Sauk Valley.
Faculty Feature: Movies are magic
By Zak Forkner
Films are magical and should be experienced in their intended form of exhibition—in a theater with a group of people.
Meet your SVCC Resource Officer
By Samantha Zellers
Not to be confused with a security guard, the presence of a resource officer functionally acts as a crime deterrent and brings a level of reassurance to the campus that regular security guards might not. A large part of Deputy Kellen’s job is to be present and available on campus.
Agreement between SVCC and SIU brings bachelor's programs to Sauk Valley area
By Devrin Thomas
Earlier this year, SVCC partnered with Southern Illinois University in an agreement to begin to offer SVCC students the ability to obtain a bachelor's degree remotely at a reduced cost from Sauk, giving them another avenue to further their education. 
Review: “The Descent: A Halloween Story”
By Will Tallman
Donna Kathryn Kelly’s latest novel, “The Descent: A Halloween Story”, delivers all the thrills and chills expected of a “paranormal horror thriller”, but with a unique twist: the story is set in local Oregon, Illinois.
Review: Still Looking for Connection: An Exhibit for Everyone
By Monica Healy
“Still Looking for Connection” is an excellent display of that art that can be understood regardless of interest or experience.