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Dual Credit FAQ

What is Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment?
  • Dual Credit means a qualified high school student is taking a college level course for BOTH high school and college credit. This is not determined by SVCC but by the student’s home high school.
  • Dual Enrollment means a qualified student is taking a college level course for ONLY college credit. This is not determined by SVCC but by the student’s home high school. In many cases these courses are career and technical courses or courses the student will not need towards his or her high school graduation.
Who can participate in Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment?

Any current high school student who has completed his or her sophomore level of high school, is at least 16 years of age and has met all course prerequisites and or testing standards. Students who are under 16 years of age and wish to participate should contact Sarah Partington at 815-835-6266 to discuss the options for enrollment.

Can Homeschool students participate in Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment?

Yes, as long as the student meets the correct prerequisite and enrollment guidelines, homeschool students are eligible to participate. SVCC does not however, determine if a course is can be used as a high school graduation requirement.

Homeschooled students should contact the Dual Credit Coordinator at (815) 835-6240 to begin registration. 

What are the testing requirements?

If a student does not have a valid SAT or ACT score on file (taken within the past three years) a student should take the necessary SVCC Placement exam/s. For questions on which placement exam is needed per course please contact Katy Krumbholz at 815-835-6297.

How do I know if I qualify for a further discount?

Reduced or free lunch information must be supplied to SVCC by the student’s home high school each academic year. If the student does not attend a public institution or is homeschooled, the standard USDA form can be completed and returned to the SVCC Business Office to be evaluated. See Tuition Waivers FAQ for more information and the form.

Is there a payment plan for Dual Credit/Enrollment?

Yes, SVCC students have the option to enroll in a payment plan each academic semester. The student can enroll in the payment plan using his or her SOAR account or through the Business Office’s website. 

Are books and materials included in the Dual Credit/Enrollment discount?

No, books, course fees and any course materials needed for SVCC courses are the student’s responsibility and do not qualify for a price reduction.

What courses are Dual Credit/Enrollment students eligible to take at SVCC?

The outcomes of the student’s placement exam/s and high school transcripts will determine what courses the student is eligible to register for.