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How to Enroll for Dual Credit

  1. Meet with High School Counselor

    Students meet with a high school counselor to discuss their career plans, review their placement results, and select classes for the upcoming semester. Also discuss attending the mandatory Dual Credit Information Night in your district.

  2. Complete the Student Information Form

    Complete and submit to the Office of Admissions and Records the Student Information Form by clicking "Apply to Sauk" at

  3. Complete the Dual Credit Form

    Complete the Dual Credit enrollment form and have it signed by parent/guardian and a high school guidance counselor.

  4. Complete a Placement Test

    Placement testing in English usage, reading and mathematics is required of all students registering for college courses. Placement test results will be used by counselors/advisors to match students with courses that are consistent with their skill level.

  5. Register for Classes

    Students register for classes through the Office of Admissions and Records. Summer/Fall registration begins in April; Spring registration begins in November. New students must register in person.

  6. Attend Dual Credit Information Night

    These sessions are offered at your high school in the spring prior to taking dual credit courses. Students will receive an invitation to their assigned session.

  7. Pay Tuition and Fees

    Tuition and fees must be paid though the Business Office at Sauk or on SOAR. Forms of payment include cash, check, credit card or the deferred payment plan. Students can register early and pay at a later date. After this date, tuition and fees are due at the time of registration.

  8. Get the Things You Need

    To begin your semester well-prepared visit the SVCC Bookstore to purchase your books, supplies and other items.