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Personnel Classifications and Definitions

401.01 Personnel Classifications and Definitions


  1. Contractual Employee - Contractual employees are hired by the Board of Trustees for a specific period of time to carry out the objectives of the special projects funded in whole or in part by an external agency for a specific and restricted purpose without obligation on the part of the college or expectations that the college will continue the employment beyond the terms of the contract. These employees will not have academic rank, but shall be entitled to salaries and benefits as specified by the Board of Trustees in a salary plan developed for use in their special circumstance. Contractual employees may include personnel in any classification: administrative, professional/technical, faculty, support, or any other classifications used at the College. Continued employment shall be subject to a positive annual evaluation and the continued funding of the position in the project or program for which they were hired. Said employees shall not be eligible for tenure. If the Board and/or the external agency shall determine that, it is necessary to discontinue a project or program, written notice of termination of employment shall be given to all affected employees. Such termination shall be effective at the close of the project or program as determined by the Board of Trustees and/or the external agency.
  2. Full-time Employees
    1. Forty-Hour Week Employees who work a 40-hour week as in the case of support and professional/technical staff or full load as defined by a given administrative or instructional position are classified as full-time employees.
    2. Thirty-Hour Week With supervisor and President’s Cabinet approval, an employee may work a 30- hour per week schedule with benefits including health insurance (pro-rated), sick leave (pro-rated), vacation time, tuition free enrollment, tuition reimbursement, and holiday pay.
  3. Part-time Employees - Persons working less than a full workload as outlined in a written work agreement are considered part-time. Faculty who teach fewer than than twelve (12) credit hours per academic semester shall be considered part-time for the purposes of 401.01 (B) (3).
  4. Permanent Employee - A permanent employee is a full-time or part-time employee who works on a continuing basis through the academic or calendar year.
  5. Temporary (short-term) Employee - An employee appointed for a short period of time and may be terminated at any time. Temporary appointments are for periods of less than one year.
  6. Term Employee - A term employee is appointed for a specific period of time, normally for one year. Such appointments automatically expire at the end of the agreed term.
  7. Tenured Employee - A tenured employee is one who has been granted tenure. Tenure applies to all full-time faculty members employed by the institution when qualified as provided by the tenure provision of the Illinois Public Community College Act (Article IIIB) and is not related to a specific position. However, any instructional faculty member having the status of tenure whose position is changed must be classified and paid for his/her new position at not less than the highest level of classification commensurate with his/her academic credentials and experience.

For purposes of the Illinois Collective Bargaining Act, the following definitions shall apply:

  1. Confidential Employee - Any employee who, (a) in the regular course of his/her duties assists, and acts in a confidential capacity to persons who formulate, determine, and effectuate management policies with regard to labor relations or who, (b) in the regular course of his/her duties has access to information relating to the effectuation or review of the employer's collective bargaining policies.
  2. Managerial Employee - An individual who is engaged predominantly in executive and management functions and is charged with the responsibility of directing and effectuation of such management policies and practices.
  3. Part-Time Employee - Part-time academic employees shall be defined as those employees who provide fewer than twelve (12) credit hours of instruction per academic semester.
  4. Professional Employee - An employee engaged in work (a) predominantly intellectual and varied in character as opposed to routine, mental, manual, mechanical, or physical; (b) involving consistent exercise of discretion and judgment in its performance; (c) of such a character that the output produced or the result accomplished, cannot be standardized in relation to a given period of time; and (d) requiring knowledge of an advanced type in a field of science or learning customarily acquired by a prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction and study.
  5. Temporary (short-term) Employee - An employee appointed for a short period of time and who may be terminated at any time. Temporary appointments are for periods of less than one year.


The College staff is made up of the following personnel classifications or categories:

  1. Administrative Personnel – Administrators are 12 month full-time professional staff members whose primary duties are managerial and supervisory in nature. Administrators are managerial and confidential employees pursuant to Section 401.01 (B) (1) (2). Duties are those described, inter alia, in policy 203.01.
  2. Support Staff – Support staff include all clerical and maintenance personnel. Some support staff are confidential employees as defined by 201.01 (B) (1) depending upon the responsibility of the position.
  3. Instructional Faculty – All staff members whose primary duties are instructional and instructional support. Such persons are professional employees as defined in 401.01 (B) (4).
  4. Professional-Technical Staff – Professional/technical staff are those who work under the supervision of a professional staff member or an administrator. Such persons may be a confidential employee, depending upon the responsibility of the position.


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