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90-Day Introductory Period

431.01 90-Day Introductory Period

Upon initial commencement of employment, all administrative, professional-technical and support staff shall enter a 90-day introductory period of employment with the college. The purpose of the introductory period is to allow supervisory personnel to monitor the work of the new employee during the first 90 days of employment and make a recommendation at the end of the introductory period regarding the employee’s employment status beyond the introductory period. During the 90-day introductory period the new employee’s supervisor, or their designee, shall observe and evaluate the employee and, prior to the end of the 90-day introductory period, the supervisor shall submit a written evaluation to the Director of Human Resources of the employees performance, including a statement as to whether the supervisor recommends or does not recommend continued employment with the college.

The 90-day introductory period does not change the nature of the at-will employment status of all professional-technical and support staff. The college fully reserves the right to terminate the employment of any employee, both during and after the 90-day introductory period, as the college deems appropriate.


  • 03-26-2012