Sexual Harassment Policy

427.01  Sexual Harassment Policy

Applicable Statute: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

  1. The College shall provide its employees and students an educational and employment environment free from unwelcome sexual advances by employees of the College, free from requests for sexual favors by employees of the College and free from other verbal or physical conduct by employees constituting sexual harassment as herein defined and as is otherwise prohibited by state or federal law. 
  2. The College shall develop, make publicly available, and review and update at least annually a set of Sexual Misconduct Procedures in compliance with Title VII and other applicable statutes.


  • 08-26-1991
  • 11-22-1993
  • 11-28-1994
  • 06-25-1998
  • 05-22-2000
  • 09-26-2005
  • 08-31-2020

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