Professor Emeritus Rank

407.02  Professor Emeritus Rank

The designation of Professor Emeritus rank may be provided to retirees of Sauk Valley Community College as an honorary title if they have served as a full-time employee of the College and have or will retire under the State Universities Retirement System (SURS). The Professor Emeritus title recognizes the value Sauk Valley Community College places on the experience, knowledge, and meritorious contributions of its retiring/retired employee. Professor Emeritus rank encourages retiring/retired employees to remain a part of the College, maintain their professional identity, and continue to be productive members of the educational community while enhancing the college mission.

An individual must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Professor Emeritus rank:

  • Has served a minimum of 20 full-time years at Sauk Valley Community College.
  • Has served a minimum of 10 years of his or her tenure at Sauk Valley Community College as a full-time faculty member of the College.
  • Has or will promptly retire from Sauk Valley Community College.
  • Has meritorious contributions to the College’s mission outside of regular teaching responsibilities or duties as outlined in his or her job description.
  • Serves as a positive role model to students, employees, and to community members.

Nomination and Appointment Process

  • A nomination letter addressing the criteria for eligibility for Professor Emeritus are to be delivered to the Chief Academic Officer (CAO). Candidates may be nominated by their peers or self-nominated.
  • The CAO will take the nomination letter to President’s Cabinet for discussion. President’s Cabinet will approve or deny the candidate’s nomination based on the criteria for Professor Emeritus eligibility requirements.
  • Based on the recommendation of President’s Cabinet, the College President may nominate former employees for Professor Emeritus rank to the Board of Trustees. It is the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees to award Professor Emeritus rank to former employees.
  • Nominees who are granted or denied Professor Emeritus rank by the Board of Trustees will receive written notification from Human Resources.

Termination of Professor Emeritus Status: Sauk Valley Community College reserves the right to remove the title of Professor Emeritus if the former employee is associated with any legal impropriety or other act that brings dishonor to the College.

Privileges of Professor Emeritus Rank

The following privileges will be granted to recipients of the Professor Emeritus rank:

    Designation of Professor Emeritus rank will be declared in the college catalog and/or SVCC website.
  • The title can be used for any external presentations, publications, and communications.
  • College will recognize individuals awarded the rank of Professor Emeritus at commencement in the year they retire.
  • The cost and conditions for attendance at campus events will be the same as current employees.
  • Will be allowed to keep their name and title in the SVCC directory and have access to an active SVCC email address.


  • 04-22-2019

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