Health Examinations and Communicable Diseases

422.01 Health Examinations and Communicable Diseases

The College desires to reasonably protect the health and well-being of its employees and its students as per the policies below:

  1. Examination of New Employees: The Board of Trustees may require that new employees provide evidence of fitness to perform duties assigned.  Such evidence may consist of a demonstration of performance of typical job tasks and/or a physical and/or mental examination by a physician, psychologist, or other health care practitioner selected by the Board, licensed in Illinois or in any other state, to practice in their field.  Results of the physical and/or mental examination shall be furnished to the employee and to the College.  The cost of such examination shall be paid by the College.
  2. Examination of Employees Generally: If it appears to the College that an employee has a physical or mental health condition that is adversely affecting an employee’s performance or is creating a risk to the health or welfare of other employees or students, the College may require an examination by any physician, health care professional, rehabilitation specialist, or mental health care practitioner selected by the Board, licensed to practice in Illinois or in another state.  The College shall pay all expenses of such examination.  The results of such examination shall be furnished in writing to the employee and to the College.  The Board and/or its representatives shall utilize the following procedure in requiring employees to undergo a physical or mental health examination:
    1. If a situation is present where the possibility of requesting an examination may exist, the supervisor responsible for evaluating the involved employee and Human Resources shall conduct an appropriate investigation of the circumstances.  In the event it is determined a physical or mental examination is to be requested, then he or she shall supply to the employee written notice of the requirement to see a chosen medical or mental health care professional.  The written notice must include a clear, detailed, statement of the specific actions and behaviors that have led to a questioning of the employee’s physical or mental fitness, and it must be signed by the supervisor of that employee and Human Resources.
    2. All documents and communications regarding an employee’s physical or mental health under this policy will be held in strictest confidence as secured documents in the Human Resources Department accessible only by those authorized by law.
  3. Communicable Diseases: Staff or students having any temporary communicable disease that is determined by a licensed medical practitioner satisfactory to the College to pose no health threat to other employees or to students may remain at the College if they are medically able to continue at a level of performance reasonable for their position.  Staff or students having a temporary communicable disease, as determined by a licensed medical practitioner satisfactory to the College, that does pose a health threat to other employees or to students may remain at the College only with permission of the appropriate supervisor in charge of evaluating them in the case of employees; if the subject is a student, with the permission of the Dean of Student Services or under such conditions as the appropriate Dean of Student Services may impose.
  4. Chronic Communicable Diseases: Employees or students suffering from chronic communicable diseases shall be accommodated to the extent required by the Americans with Disability act and the Illinois Human Rights Act.
  5. Communicable Diseases in the Health Occupations Field: Any employee or student involved in the health occupation field who has a communicable disease of any nature shall comply with the standards and requirements of the clinical site involved in the instruction, consistent with the standards set by the clinical site for its employees.
  6. Confidentiality: The College will provide appropriate confidentiality of information provided to the College regarding an individual's medical or mental condition.
  7. Compliance with Illinois Department of Public Health Regulations: The College shall comply with appropriate directives and the rules and regulations for the control of communicable diseases as promulgated by the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Infectious Diseases.


  • 02-12-1979
  • 06-26-2000
  • 08-25-2008