TRIO Transfer

How do I find the right College?
Talk to your advisor, compare price and financial aid packages, attend campus visits, and do your research (college scorecard).
How will my courses transfer?
Register for transferology, talk to your advisor about course articulation (how your courses are going to transfer), and talk to your the advisors from your transfer school.
How does financial aid work when I transfer?
File your FAFSA in October and speak with your advisor about net price calculators and creating a transfer budget.
When should I apply to a transfer school?
Usually you are considered in the transfer student pool when you have 24-30 credit hours complete. Work with your advisor to make sure you meet all of the criterion and deadlines. Make sure you get an application fee waiver and a transcript waiver from your advisor when you apply.
How do I find Housing when I transfer?
You could choose to live in a dorm which will give you the opportunity to meet new people. Often times there are transfer specific dorms offered or academic major dorms. If you are are going to rent an apartment it is best to do your research early and secure roommates early as well. The Transfer Department at most Universities/Colleges can often assist with recommendations.