Faculty Resources

  • Faculty Professional Development Resources

    Faculty Professional Development Resources

     SVCC faculty and staff are able to access the Canvas Resources and courses below by selecting the link. Each resource has been designed to allow multiple uses; faculty are able to use each resource as a self-paced, asynchronous online course or attend synchronous sessions as they are announced throughout the year. Each resource also serves as a just-in-time resource for employees to locate information as needed. Select a resource from the list below:

    Dual Credit Faculty Orientation

    New Faculty Orientation

    Essentials: Canvas

    Accessibility and Universal Design

    Essentials: Teaching Online

     Copyright for Faculty and Staff

    SVCC Open Education Resources Course

  • Class Management Assets

    Class Management Assets

    Checklist for a New Semester   Use this handy interactive checklist as a tool to be sure routine housekeeping tasks are completed in your Canvas course each semester.

     Tutorial - Email Students from Faculty Self-Service or SOAR   This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for sending an email to all of the students enrolled in a course via Faculty Self-Service or SOAR.

    Tutorial for Locating Student Contact Information in Faculty Self-Service  This step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to find student email addresses and phone numbers in Faculty Self-Service.

    Template for email to students  SVCC recommends that you email students in online courses prior to the beginning of the semester to introduce yourself and share basic information about the course. Use this template to begin composing your message.

    Template for email to ILCCO ICE Students   ILCCO, a consortium of Illinois community colleges, administers ICE, a service which facilitate online course sharing among participating institutions. Use this template for introductory email to ICE students in your course. 


  • Office Equipment Tutorials

    Office Equipment Tutorials


    The Information Technology Services Department at SVCC maintains the phone system and printers on campus. 

    Select this link to access training materials and documents for the phone systems. 

     Select this link to access comprehensive information about Employee Printing on campus. 


  • Classroom Technology

    Classroom Technology


    SVCC classroom technology is maintained by the Information Technology Services Department. 

    Select this link to view further information, including operating instructions for technology tools in each classroom.

  • Equipment Checkout

    Equipment Checkout

    Information Technology Services provides a lending library of equipment for faculty checkout. Available items include a mobile laptop lab, a public address system, audience response clickers, video cameras, iPad, digital voice recorders, and more.

    Request items by filling out and submitting the form at this link.

    Questions? Contact Kathy Dirks, Director of Software and User Services 815-835-6229 or at kathleen.m.dirks@svcc.edu. Kathy's office is located in the back of 2F03.



  • Course Outlines and Syllabi in FAST

    Course Outlines and Syllabi in FAST


     FAST, SVCC's intranet, is a source of many valuable resources for SVCC faculty. The links below provide shortcuts to course outlines and syllabi. Login is required to access materials. 

    Course Syllabus Template and Course Outline Template, and Syllabus Policies

    Previous Course Outlines

    Previous Course Syllabi









  • ITS Personnel

    ITS Personnel



    Information Technology Services personnel at SVCC are available to help faculty with classroom technology support, equipment checkout, phone issues, ILCCO support, and much more. 

    You can contact ITS department employees for assistance or send an email to help@svcc.edu



  • Instructional Design at SVCC

    Instructional Design at SVCC

     SVCC's Instructional Designer is available to assist faculty with:

    • Canvas Learning Management System troubleshooting
    • online course development
    • integration of technology and software into teaching
    • providing an inclusive classroom through Universal Design
    • best practices in both on-campus and online instruction
    • a variety of professional development opportunities


    Robin Fisch, Director of  Instructional Design and Distance Education

    Robin Fisch

    A career educator with more than thirty years of instructional experience with youth and adult learners, Robin Fisch is an Instructional Designer at SVCC. Robin holds a Master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology from Western Illinois University, the Administrator of Online Learning Certificate from the Illinois Online Network, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Northern Illinois University.

    Contact Robin at robin.l.fisch@svcc.edu or 815-835-6318.


    Hernan Cortez, Instructional Designer

     photo Hernan Cortez

    Hernan is an experienced instructional designer with special expertise in the areas of accessibility, online course redesign, content creation, objective mapping, copyright, and Open Educational Resources. Hernan holds a Masters degree in History and a Master's degree in Educational Technology/Instructional Design from Central Michigan University. 

    Contact Hernan at hernan.e.cortez@svcc.edu or 815-835-6407