Promotion and Publicity

Promotion and Publicity

When you start thinking about where to promote and publicize your event, you have a lot to think about! Keep the following people and places in mind.

Poster/Flyer Distribution Points:

Elementary/junior/senior high schools; ticket offices; libraries; chambers of commerce; hotels/motels; local merchants; windows; recreation centers; book stores; music stores; fraternal organization meeting halls; senior citizen centers; art schools; dance schools; art galleries; gas stations; churches; beauty parlors; military base recreation centers; museums; country clubs; restaurants; banks; laundromats; community centers

Mailing Lists:

Student organizations; parent organizations; alumni organizations; local teacher associations; museum members; chambers of commerce members; service club membership lists

Word of Mouth:

YOU; your staff or volunteers; your audience; civic and business leaders; business contacts; social leaders


Entertainment page features and event announcements; society page stories; calendar listings; school papers; free classified ads papers; interviews with artist/performer; telephone stories; paid display ads; classified ads; joint ads with other presenters; complimentary tickets to reviewers and editors

Other Ideas:

Preview, outreach and "teaser" performances; press parties; teas; bumper stickers; bus placards; billboards; t-shirts; buttons; balloons; table tents; door hangers; marquees; matchbooks; discount coupons; bookmarks; napkins; table mats