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Softball Coaches

Head Coach Derron Sellers


Head Coach Derron Sellers is in his first season at Sauk Valley Community College. Coach Derron has spent the last six seasons with Polo Community High School where he started the program after the school left a co-op. He also spent six years as a head coach with the Illinois Gold Fastpitch travel organization until 2019.

Coach Derron is a 1991 graduate of Polo Community High School. In 2004 he received a bachelor of arts   from Rockford University with a degree in Physical Education and Secondary Education. His Masters Degree came in 2016 from California University in Exercise Science with an emphasis on performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Along with coaching softball, family life keeps him on his toes. His favorite thing to do is hang out with his wife Dana. His two girls in college, Izzy Sellers at Brevard College and Zoie Sellers at Clarke University still keep him on the move. He keeps his arm in shape by playing catch with his two boxers, Gus and Ruth.