Sauk Valley Community College

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Achieving Success at Sauk

There are many programs at SVCC to help YOU become engaged in the college community in order to ensure your academic success. From academic advising, to student success workshops, and free tutoring, these opportunities are designed to assist you in making the most of your academic career.

Check out the services that SVCC provides to our students:

The Retention Office can assist you in reaching your educational, professional, and personal goals to help you be successful.  To accomplish this, a variety of FREE success-based services are offered such as mentoring, student success workshops,  and student success sessions.   The goal of the Retention Office is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to be successful.  If you find that you are having difficulty with your classes or you have any questions regarding these services please contact this office at 815-835-6368.

The Learning Assistance Center staff provides one-on-one tutoring on a walk-in basis in an informal, friendly atmosphere.  The LAC also provides instructional materials, use of computers as well as testing services. All services that the LAC provides are FREE for SVCC students. You may contact the LAC at 815-835-6293.

The Counseling Office provides free and confidential services pertaining to academic, personal, and psychological counseling. If you are concerned about a friend or classmate, they also offer a confidential process for you to share your concerns. You can make an appointment by calling 815-835-6354.

The Disability Support Office provides reasonable accommodations when needed to make classes accessible for all students with disabilities (orthopedic, visual, hearing, learning, chronic health, psychological). SVCC is committed to creating a universally accessible environment where individuals are viewed on the basis of ABILITY, not disability. Any person desiring accommodations should contact this office at 815-835-6246.

The Financial Assistance Office can assist you with the process of seeking grants, student loans, military educational benefits, or scholarships. We encourage everyone to apply for financial aid at since you might be eligible for FREE grants in addition to loans. This office can be reached at 815-835-6339.

TRIO Student Support Services assists eligible students by providing academic, transfer, career and personal counseling as well as one on one peer tutoring and student success workshops. Benefits include attending college visits and cultural events, laptop and textbook lending programs, and earning additional grant aid. To find out if you qualify, contact this office at 815-835-6268.

Dislocated Worker Center provides employment related services to individuals who reside in Lee, Bureau, Putnam and LaSalle Counties who have been involved in a plant closure or lay-off. Any person with questions regarding eligibility should contact this office at 815-835-6371.

Student Activities Office provides you with opportunities to be active as a key member of our college community. We encourage you to become involved in SVCC student organizations and student activities.

We challenge you to become a stakeholder in your education at Sauk by encouraging you to integrate these FREE services into your academic life on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions regarding these services, please contact Sarah McFarlane at 815-835-6368 or email