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Student Success Workshops

Student Success Workshops provide students with step by step strategies to improve their study skills, time management skills, and organizational skills.

Listed below are the various workshop topics.  Please click on the link to learn information on the topic.   

For a listing of this semester's on-campus workshops, click here.

Study Skills

Effective Note-taking Methods
Are you having trouble taking notes in a particular class?  Do you feel that your notes are too confusing?  This workshop will provide you with some ideas on how to take more effective notes that will help you learn and retain information.
Improve Your Reading Comprehension Skills
Are you having difficulty understanding and retaining the information you read?  This workshop will go over some ideas on how to get more out of your reading assignments.  You will learn some techniques you can do before you start reading that will help in your understanding of the material.  You will also learn techniques to help recall the information you have read.
Study Skills 101
This workshop will focus on giving you an introduction to some basic study techniques.  The techniques that you will learn about are listening skills, note-taking skills, how to develop a reading strategy, study tips, test preparation tips, and test-taking strategies.
Tackling Test-taking Anxiety
Do you feel stressed at the thought of an upcoming test?  Learn some techniques to help you stay calm and confident.  You will also learn some test-taking strategies to help you better prepare for your tests.
Developing a Success Strategy
Are you looking for ways to be successful this semester?  This workshop will give you some ideas on what you can do now to achieve success.  Topics will include note taking skills, listening skills, developing a reading strategy, test preparation tips, time management tips, and personal well-being information.
Discover Your Learning Style
When you understand the way you learn, you become a more effective student.  This workshop will help you discover if you are an auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learner.  You will learn some study tips related to your specific learning style to help you in becoming a successful student.
Strategies for Test-taking
Get some test-taking hints so you can do well on that next exam or the final.  We will go over some strategies to help you with true/false, multiple choice, and essay exams.
Tips on Becoming an Expert Learner
Are you interested in learning how to challenge yourself in your learning?  In this workshop you will learn the characteristics of an expert learner, what helps an expert learner be successful, and how to become an expert learner.
Improve Your Memory, Improve Your Grades
Do you have trouble recalling information from your lectures, readings, or notes?  This workshop will provide you with some skills on how to improve your memory in order to help you be more successful in your studies.
How to Write a Research Paper
Does the thought of writing a research paper get you down?  This workshop will help you through the steps of choosing a topic, where to go to complete the research, and writing the final draft.
Improve Your Listening Skills
Are you an active or passive listener?  Do you find that you get lost in classroom discussions?  This workshop will give you suggestions on how to become an active listener and improve your listening skills.
Tips for Taking Online Classes
Are you taking, or thinking about taking an online course?  This workshop will provide you with some information on what to expect from this type of class.  We will also discuss ways to be successful in this learning environment.
Making Presentations
There is no way around it...most college students will have to prepare and deliver al presentation for at least one of their classes at SVCC! Take part in this fun and informative workshop that gives you tips on how to create and give a great presentation!

Life Skills

Effective Communication Techniques
Do you have difficulty expressing your ideas to others?  Would you like to learn how to overcome barriers to communication?  This workshop will provide you with some ideas on how to become a better communicator and listener.
Problem Solving Techniques
Do you feel overwhelmed when faced with a project?  Do you struggle with the task of group decision making?  This workshop will give you ideas on how to work through the problem solving process by yourself or with a group.  You will also learn about the benefits of brainstorming in problem solving.
Stress Relief – How to Manage the Stress in Your Life
This workshop will provide you with information on how to keep your stress levels down and stay positive!

Organizational Skills

Organization Techniques
Do you wait until the last possible minute to complete projects?  This workshop will give you ways to stay organized in your personal life as well as your academic life.  You will learn how to create a study schedule in order to help you avoid cramming for tests.
Goal Setting = Goal Getting
Do you understand the goal setting process?  Do you understand the importance of setting clear, specific, and realistic goal so you have an exact picture of what you want to achieve?  In this workshop we will learn how to create realistic goals as well as create a plan for accomplishing them.
Time to Get Organized!
Do you have too much to do and not enough time to complete everything?  This workshop will help you manage your time using various tools and time organization strategies.